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These cool succulents can last forever! Succulents have interesting shapes and marvelous textures and colors. They excel at conserving water, making them great low-maintenance plants. ● Bowl. ● Potting mix. Succulents don't like wet roots. ● Light. Succulents love sun. Be sure that your location is in full sun. Ideally, your plants should receive 6 to 8 hours of sun each day. However, many succulents will do just fine indoors in bright indirect light. ● Water. Of course, all plants need water to live, but succulents don't need a lot. That makes them very low-maintenance too. If you aren’t sure when to water your succulents need water, gently squeeze a leaf. If the leaf is firm, it needs no water; if there’s a little squish, it’s time to water. ● Temperature. Although some succulents, such as sedum, are hardy, others need protection in winter. Bring them indoors before frost. Growing these tender succulents in pots is perfect: They make striking specimens on bright windowsills in winter. You can add on a single succulent to any other product. One succulent (includes container) is $15.

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